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Total Allocated Rewards
The total number of GENE allocated for the Staking Program.
Staking Program Duration
The amount of time this staking program lasts for.
Reward Decay
The % that the reward emission is reduced by per Reward Epoch.
Reward Epoch
A pre-determined duration where the reward emission is constant. After each epoch, the next epoch will reward fewer tokens by a factor of the Reward Decay.
Lock Duration
The amount of time until the staked tokens can be withdrawn. Minimum is 1 month, maximum is 2 years.
Staking Pool
A group of the same token earning the same reward. We will start off with just the GENE pool, but intend on having a KI/USDC LP pool shortly after launch to incentivize liquidity for KI.
Pool Weight
Each pool earns rewards differently, some pools earn more rewards while others earn less. This is determined by the pool weight. For example, if pool 1's weight is 40 and pool 2's weight is 60, then pool 1 will earn 40% of the rewards while pool 2 earns the remaining 60%.
A single record of staked tokens with its own locking period and weights.
Reward Weight
The weight to which a deposit’s reward tokens from the reward pool are awarded to the staker. The idea is that the longer you stake, the more you earn, exponentially. (someone who locks for 1 year earns 5x of someone who locks for 1 month, for example.) This is called the Reward Bonus. The formula for determining the reward weight is below.
rewardBonus=5lockDuration1yearrewardBonus = 5^{\frac{lockDuration}{1 year}}
rewardWeight=rewardBonusstakedAmountpoolWeightreward Weight = rewardBonus * stakedAmount * poolWeight
Voting Weight
The weight to which a deposit’s voting power, distributions and in-game boosts are awarded to the staker. It’s calculated by multiplying the remaining lock duration by the staked token amount, or with this simple formula:
votingWeight=remainingLockTimestakedTokenAmountvotingWeight = remainingLockTime * stakedTokenAmount
Vesting Reward
A single record of reward tokens that have started vesting. All staking reward tokens are locked for 1 year, but can be withdrawn as sGENE immediately to use in-game.