Augments are swappable Genopet body-parts, which can be equipped to customize a pet's visual appearance and in-game attributes. The attributes which can be modified via Augments are:

  • Tail

  • Wing

  • Horn

  • Antenna

  • Mane

  • Ear

  • Eye

All Augment recipes require a Reagent, which establishes which attribute-part the crafted augment will be for. For example, crafting with a Tail Reagent will produce a Tail Augment. Any time the player crafts an Augment, they have a chance to produce one of Common, Uncommon, or Rare class. These probabilities apply to crafting Augments only and do not apply to the classes of other item Types or outputs.

Crafted Augment ClassApproximate Crafting Probability







Legendary and Mythic Augments will have additional requirements and cannot be randomly produced through the standard augment-crafting mechanic.

See below for an illustrative diagram on crafting augments:


Genopets can be equipped or unequipped with Augments. In order to equip one's Genopet, the Augment must be held in the player's inventory. Upon usage (equip), the Augment replaces the currently equipped Augment in the corresponding body part (attribute). The previous Augment is transferred to the player's inventory.

All Augments are compatible with any Stage of Genopet evolution. Once equipped, the Augment will match its appearance to the Genopet's Stage appearance.

Augments, like other tokenized in-game assets, will be tradable on the marketplace. On marketplaces, the Augment will be visually depicted in its Stage 1 form. However, as clarified above, it will sync to visually match the Stage of the Genopet when equipped.

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