Harvesting KI & Crafting

Acquiring a Habitat expands your gameplay possibilities. With a Habitat, you can participate in the simplest form of Move-to-Earn: converting Energy into KI token, but that is just the start.

Habitat owners also have the ability to create more in-game NFTs. Refine crystals and craft items to use or combine in recipes to upgrade and customize your Genopet’s appearance and abilities.

Micro transactions fuel free-to-play economies. Habitat owners will have the option to use or sell the items they create, fueling the marketplace creator economy in-game.

Harvesting KI and Crafting is performed on the Habitat Management portal located on the Inventory page of the Genopets Mainframe.

More on Crafting in the Game Mechanics section of this paper and in the Crafting Recipe Book in the Resources section.

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