Why Web3 in Games?

Games have always been the onramp to new technologies. We’ve seen this repeatedly throughout history. For example, in 1974, Pong catalyzed the boom of owning computers, both for personal and commercial use. Fast forward and Pokémon Go! showed us that augmented reality is capable of bringing millions of people out into the streets to play a game together.

The barrier to entry for Play-to-Earn games today has limited true global adoption. The guild model provided assistance and education to facilitate growth, but ultimately Web3 games need to be designed around economic models that eliminate costly barriers to entry.

The last decade of game development has proven that the most successful games are designed to reward players from the start, without creating costly barriers that prohibit adoption.

Genopets was designed to be accessible. Anyone with a smartphone will be able to download the app on iOS or Android to start playing and become exposed to the benefits of Web3; regardless of how familiar they are with the space or how much money they have to invest.

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