Nurture & Evolution

The care for, training, and playing with digital pet companions is a time-honored mechanic within the genre. With Genopets, these mechanics are leveraged to encourage you to stay more active. Over time, your Genopet will level up and evolve as you convert your steps into Energy and XP. XP is a state in a Genopet’s NFT metadata, a method of tracking Genopet rarity on-chain. The higher the level of your Genopet, the more XP, the greater its in-game abilities, and the more rare it can become.

Minigames centered around feeding, playing with, and showing affection towards your Genopet allow you to elevate its mood each day. Happier Genopets will bank Energy at a more efficient rate, serving as a practical motivator alongside more nurturing ones.

See Mood & Nurture for more details on the game mechanics.

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