How It Works


In Genopets, crafting requires the player to own (or have Alchemist rights) to a non-Dormant Habitat. Habitats of all levels may be used to craft and their crafting capacity (represented by Laboratory slots) increases as they rise in level.

Every craftable item in the game has a Recipe - a list of ingredients necessary in order to craft that particular item. Possible ingredients include:

  • Refined Genotype Crystals of various elements

  • KI token

  • GENE token

  • Terraform Seeds

Players can learn Recipes through a variety of ways.

Token Requirements

All Recipes will require some quantity of GENE and/or KI token. Token requirements will be subject to regular review and updated periodically to move in sync with the broader game economy.

Time to Craft

Time is a soft requirement for crafting certain items within the game. While some items can be crafted and claimed instantly, others will require the player to wait a preset amount of time before they can access or use the item. In general, rarer or higher quality items tend to take longer times to craft.


Players can craft by combining ingredients (S/NFTs and tokens) within their Habitat Laboratory, according to preset Recipes.

  • All required ingredients must be present in player inventory.

  • Order of ingredient placement doesn't matter.

Once the Recipe is successfully fulfilled, the mint for the output item is verified & confirmed. However, that does not guarantee it is ready to be "Claimed." Claiming is a player action that transfers the item from the Habitat to the player's inventory.

The item's "Time to Complete" determines how soon after crafting it is ready to be Claimed. If TTC is instant, item will be instantly available. Otherwise, player must wait the duration of the listed TTC before item is ready and Claim-able in Laboratory.

Crafting Capacity & Limitations

The number of items a Habitat user can Alchemize simultaneously is determined by the Habitat's crafting capacity. A Habitat starts with one (1) slot in their Laboratory at Level 1, with an additional slot being added each time the Habitat is upgraded. A Level 3 Habitat will be able to craft up to three (3) items simultaneously.

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