Dual Token System
Genopets operates on a dual-token system that comprises KI and GENE Token, each with its own function and in-game utility. See Game Mechanicsfor more details on the game economy.


GENE Token is the governance and staking token used for Genesis NFT sales, seasonal drops, and in-game for crafting valuable items. Stake GENE for rewards and in-game perks.
  • Stake GENE for Rewards - Earn benefits and rewards like reward pool GENE, private beta access, seasonal NFT drops, and future Energy boosts in-game.
  • Exclusive Genesis Drops - Participate in seasonal NFT sales, future treasure hunts, and Genesis NFT campaigns, and partnership drops using GENE Token.
  • Governance Voting - In the future, staking will be the mechanism through which the community will vote on decisions such as future token emissions and game mechanics.


KI Token is an in-game utility token. Habitat owners are able to harvest KI by converting Energy from steps each day. KI is burned when used and has a max daily earning cap.
  • Crystal Refinement - Refine crystals each day using KI Tokens to extend the lifespan of your Habitat while producing the ingredients used to craft items.
  • Alchemy & Crafting - Combine refined crystals with KI Tokens in your habitat’s lab to start crafting. Combine crystals of all types to create in-game items & power ups.
  • Terraforming - Create (mint) additional Habitats using KI Tokens, GENE Tokens, Refined Crystals, and a Terraform Seed to use or sell to other players or rent in the market.
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