Dual Token System

Genopets operates on a dual-token system that comprises KI and GENE Token, each with its own function and in-game utility. See Developer's Notefor more details on the game economy.

GENE Token is the governance and staking token used for Genesis NFT sales, seasonal drops, and in-game for crafting valuable items. Stake GENE for rewards and in-game perks.

Contract Address: https://explorer.solana.com/address/GENEtH5amGSi8kHAtQoezp1XEXwZJ8vcuePYnXdKrMYz

  • Stake GENE for Rewards - Earn in-game benefits and rewards like reward pool GENE, private beta access, seasonal NFT drops, and future Energy boosts in-game.

  • Exclusive Genesis Drops - Participate in seasonal NFT sales, future treasure hunts, and Genesis NFT campaigns, and partnership drops using GENE Token.

  • Governance Voting - In the future, staking will be the mechanism through which the community will vote on decisions such as future token emissions and game mechanics.

KI Token is an in-game utility token. Habitat owners are able to harvest KI by converting Energy from steps each day. KI is burned when used and has a max daily earning cap.

Contract Address: https://explorer.solana.com/address/kiGenopAScF8VF31Zbtx2Hg8qA5ArGqvnVtXb83sotc

  • Crystal Refinement - Refine crystals each day using KI Tokens to extend the lifespan of your Habitat while producing the ingredients used to craft items.

  • Alchemy & Crafting - Combine refined crystals with KI Tokens in your habitat’s lab to start crafting. Combine crystals of all types to create in-game items & power ups.

  • Terraforming - Create (mint) additional Habitats using KI Tokens, GENE Tokens, Refined Crystals, and a Terraform Seed to use or sell to other players or rent in the market.

A key component of our staking architecture is the ability to withdraw locked GENE Token rewards as sGENE to use in-game. Synthetic GENE, or sGENE, is for the sole purpose of in-game use, and cannot be swapped for GENE or listed on exchanges. After sGENE is used, it is burned. It doesn’t affect the total supply of GENE and cannot be swapped back for GENE after a staker chooses to withdraw it as a reward for staking. More on GENE Staking.

Contract Address: https://solscan.io/token/GkpbHQu2zYmJxyp93p9wTX3uHjsFt8ZGeomVwZkGwXLH

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