Marketplace Economy

Genopets affords players a multitude of ways to earn by creating and trading value among one another. The more effort put into upgrading a Genopet, the better it can be at battle, the farther it can explore in the Genoverse, and ultimately, the more rare and valuable it may become when traded on marketplaces.

Marketplace doesn't end at Genopets. Whether players are crafting a rare Augment, terraforming a Habitat or refining a new set of Crystals, actions taken in-game all create value that can be transferred between players. Genopets facilitates a creator economy and marketplace of players creating and transferring value among each other which in turn results in earning opportunities.

The innovation that makes this model sustainable is rooted in the viability of the economy being tied to players’ daily active use and enjoyment of the game, rather than relying on continuous user growth to be sustainable.

Player's affinity for their Genopet’s growth and evolution, battle abilities and storyline to explore create a multitude of ways players will be able to enjoy, strategize, and earn in game. That enjoyment will fuel crafting, buying, and selling in-game items, Genopets, and Habitats, creating a flourishing economy built around a player driven marketplace.

See GameFi Sustainability for more of our thoughts on designing a viable GameFi economy.

A marketplace driven economy enables all players to be financially rewarded from gameplay. Short term earning through fungible token or a greater long term earning opportunity from the creation, use, and sale of Genopets NFTs. This foundation we believe will lead to a more sustainable economic model from which we can grow and expand with additional content as the game grows in popularity.

This not only creates two economies in which players can earn, but it also makes the marketplace opportunity much larger with Genopet NFTs, Habitats, Crystals, Augments, Seeds, and more, all being traded among players willing to pay to get ahead or simply because they love the game. This is the foundation of our economic model from which we can grow and expand with additional content as the game grows in popularity. For example, items and augments equipped by Genopets which can be crafted through a formula of KI, GENE, and Crystals can be bought and sold on the in-game marketplace, thus further bolstering the economy.

See Player Created Economy for a more in-depth view of our thoughts on virtual economies and players as economic agents in game economies.

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