GENE Staking

The following notes details of the Genopets Staking program

GENE is the governing token of the Genoverse and staking is what allows you to realize its value. Governance, in-game utility and liquidity rewards are all enabled through the staking program.

The Genopets staking program was inspired by successful projects in both the GameFI and DeFi space. We have been following the industry best practices closely and along with input from our advisors, investors, and community leaders and have arrived at a model we’re proud to propose.

Staking for GameFi projects on Solana is growing, but best practices and contracts have yet to be clearly established in the community. After the launch of our GENE staking program we hope to inspire other projects in the Solana community to use similar mechanisms and contract design to align their token holders with the success of their projects. For Genovians, we hope this program will incentivize and reward the GENE token community while providing stability and liquidity to the Genopets game economy.

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