Rewarding an Active Lifestyle

Passively played, but actively rewarded.

As you go about your life, Genopets uses the pedometer on your smartphone to track your physical activity. After a long day, you can bank your steps to convert your real-life movement into Energy, your source of in-game fuel; we call this move-to-play. Energy unlocks opportunities to earn rewards like converting Energy to KI (with a Habitat) or XP to level up and using Energy to battle, explore, and play with your pet too.

Genopets is played passively as you accrue steps throughout the day. Every day, you'll need to bank your steps to reap the rewards of your day's activity before the clock strikes midnight. By removing hours of staring and tapping on a screen from the equation, we replace traditional mobile game grinding with building better habits through gamified self-care. This action you take to recognize your hard work everyday is designed to reward consistency. The key to self care starts with building better habits.

Move-to-Play + Play-to-Earn = Move-to-Earn Gaming.

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