Maintenance & Decay

Without player intervention, all Habitats decay over time, starting from the moment the Habitat is activated. When a Habitat fully decays, it enters into a state called Dormancy, rendering it useless and unable to perform .

As such, a Habitat's lifespan is measured in days remaining until Dormancy. The starting lifespan of a starting L1 Habitat is 90 days. Lifespan will tick down on a daily basis, assuming no player intervention. When lifespan reaches 0, the Habitat will become Dormant and unusable--unless Restored.

Lifespan can be extended via the act of Repairing the Habitat. The maximum # of times a player can Repair their Habitat is dictated by a Habitat's Durability. Refer to the "Extending Habitat Lifespan & Durability" section below for more details.

Once activated, Habitat decay will continue even if it is removed from the player's inventory (e.g., sold or transferred). A Habitat's lifespan and durability will be viewable in its metadata.

Important Terms & Definitions

  • Lifespan = the amount of life remaining to a Habitat (measured in # of days until Dormancy); can be refilled to a limited extent through Crystal burn.

  • Repair = the act of burning a Crystal in order to increase current Lifespan. Lifespan can be increased beyond the initial starting value of 90.

  • Durability = maximum # of times a Habitat can be repaired

Extending Habitat Lifespan - Durability & Repair

Players can Repair their Habitats to stave off decay. The act of repairing a Habitat extends its current lifespan by 1 day. Repairing a Habitat requires the use of a Refined Genotype Crystal. The Crystal is consumed in the process of repairing the Habitat. The number of times a Habitat can be Repaired at any given time is equal to its remaining Durability.

L1 Habitats start with a Durability value of 90, meaning a player can repair their Habitat up to 90 times. Durability can be increased by upgrading the Habitat's Level. Each upgrade adds another 90 to Durability, thereby allowing the player to repair the Habitat an additional 90 times.

Dormancy & Restoration

Once the Habitat fully decays, it enters the Dormant state. A Dormant Habitat cannot be used to perform economic actions, such as crystal refinement or KI Harvesting. If Habitat becomes dormant, it can only be Restored using KI. Once it's Restored, it will regain 90 days worth of lifespan and the durability of its level.

LevelRevival Cost (KI)Durability Regained










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