Primary & Sub-Habitats

All Habitats, by default, are Primary Habitats. Sub-Habitats are created when a player connects additional Habitats to their Primary Habitat.

Connecting sub-Habitats increases the Primary Habitat's daily KI Harvesting capacity. Sub-Habitats will also produce unrefined crystals at the rate expected of their upgraded Level (assuming they are active and not Dormant), which the holder can refine. However, the spawned crystals will be of the same elemental type as the Primary Habitat, irrespective of the sub-Habitat's own elemental type. The Primary Habitat's crystal refinement capacity is increased cumulatively with each sub-Habitat that is added. If the Primary Habitat is Genesis, then the holder will be able to specify the elemental type of all crystals refined.

If a holder refines a crystal on a Habitat prior to making it a sub-Habitat (to a different Primary), its increased refinement capacity is not stacked with the Primary's until the sub-Habitat's refinement window has reset (at the end of its 24-hour day/night cycle).

Disconnecting Sub-Habitats

Sub-Habitats that are disconnected from their Primary Habitat enter a cooldown where they cannot refine for the remainder of the game day. This is to prevent "double refinement." Users should utilize the full refinement capacity of a connected set of Habitats before disconnecting any sub-Habitats.

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