General Parameters

Role & Function

From a game mechanics perspective, Habitats are extremely powerful in-game assets. They can influence or directly impact the player-driven economy in many ways: crafting items; commodities trading; Alchemical component generation. Holders of Habitats are tantamount to land-holders within the Genoverse; through the purchase of their Habitat, they have affirmed their stake in the Genopets virtual economy. By becoming a Habitat-holder, a player's interests become aligned with those of the governance-rights holders: to see continued and sustainable growth from the Genopets player-creator economy game.


There are currently 3 types of Habitats in existence:

  • Genesis Habitat - the first class of Habitats ever created. These possess special advantages, such as the ability to Refine Genotype Crystals of any element and higher KI Harvesting caps.

  • Regular Habitat - standard Habitat type that is Terraformed by other Habitats.

  • Guild Habitat - distinct class of Habitats in their own collection designed specifically for player-guild use. These Habitats can not be traded in marketplaces and were sold specifically to Guild partners at the start of the project to support the growth of the Economy.


Habitats come in three, progressive levels. Level 1 represents the entry-level, junior most Habitat. This can be upgraded to Level 2, then to Level 3, so long as the player pays the associated upgrade costs.

As mentioned above, Habitat-holders have immense power over the in-game economy and their long-term interests should be aligned with those of governance-rights holders. The GENE requirement recognizes this important transfer of in-game power.


Habitats have four defining properties:

  1. Level: 1, 2, or 3

  2. Elemental Domain: Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood, or Water

  3. Type (see above)

  4. Delegation status of Alchemist & Harvester roles

Genesis Habitats can be identified by a special Genesis identifying walking area.


From a game mechanics perspective, Habitats have the following functions:

  1. Generate unrefined crystals

    • Element of crystal determined by Habitat domain

  2. Crystal Refinement Capacity

    • Determined by Habitat level

  3. Item Crafting / Terraforming Capacity

    • Determined by Habitat level

  4. Generate up to 6 Terraform seeds (only L3 Habitats)

  5. Convert Energy to KI via Harvesting

    • Determined by Habitat quantity


Habitats can occupy one of three possible states:

  1. Occupied - Has delegated Alchemist or Harvester using it

  2. Vacant - Does not have tenant or delegate using it

  3. Dormant - Past decay period; cannot generate unrefined crystals

Alchemists and Harvesters are roles that can be delegated to other players. Please refer to the Renting section for more information.

Usage Limits

Players can hold multiple Habitats in their inventory. Furthermore, up to 3 Habitats can be connected by assigning 2 Habitats as "sub-Habitats" to a designated Primary habitat. Connecting Habitats in this manner increases the KI Harvesting and crystal refining capabilities of the Primary Habitat. For Harvesting and refining purposes, the connected Habitats are treated as a single unit.

Players can only Harvest KI from a single Habitat (or single set of connected Habitats) every 24 hours. There is no such player limitation on crystal refinement, so long as the player has the required amount of KI and the Habitats being used to refine are active.

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