Alchemy (Items)

Alchemy is the process by which players can combine Refined Crystals with various ingredients to craft in-game Items, ranging from body part augments to tools. These items can be used on one's own Genopet, or traded via the marketplace.

Each Alchemizable item will have its own specific set of required ingredients. These Recipes will be revealed to players in a variety of ways. Some basic recipes may be released to the general public for immediate utilization; other, more advanced recipes will have to be won via in-game challenges or as part of seasonal launches.

This mechanic is intended to bridge the gap between players as producers and consumers of the Genoverse economy. As the Alchemy crafting tree expands, player-consumers will be able to dictate demand for items of their choice; based on individual preference or what is popular or effective in the metagame at the time. Player-creators who excel at collecting recipes and meeting the market demand can amplify their earning potential far beyond simple token conversion.

Refer to the Items section to learn more about how in-game items are classified.

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