Habitat Terraforming & Rental

A key component of the game is the ability to terraform (mint or breed) additional Habitats as a Habitat owner to sell or lease to other players. Owning a Habitat allows players to earn both by selling Habitats to other players or by renting it to those who want to benefit from a Habitat without having to purchase their own.

Renting a Habitat to another player comes with two roles, which the respective Habitat owner may grant renters at their discretion: the Harvester and Alchemist. Players can be granted one or both roles and owners may set rates and royalties for each. The Harvester role gives that player the ability to convert Energy to KI token and the Alchemist role gives that player the ability to craft other NFT & SFT game items like augments, nurture items, and power-ups.

Terraforming and Renting Habitats is performed on the Habitat Management portal located on the Inventory page of the Genopets Mainframe.

More on Habitats in the Game Mechanics section of this paper.

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