Step Battles


Step Battles are a social competitive feature within Genopets, which allows players to compete with one another using their step activity and customized pets. Any player can create a Step Battle. The length of the battle, as well as other criteria, can be set at creation.

Step Battle outcomes will be determined by each participant's Step Battle Score. The Battle Score is calculated as follows:

StepsBankedDuringChallengePeriod+StatBonusSteps BankedDuringChallenge Period + Stat Bonus

Any steps banked by the player throughout the duration of the Step Battle period will contribute towards their Battle Score in all active Battles. The amount of Energy banked is irrelevant.

Stat Bonus Calculation

The Genopet Stat Bonus for Step Battles will be calculated as follows:

10(2S+0.5A+0.5D)10 * (2S + 0.5A + 0.5D)

where S (Speed), A (Attack), and D (Defense) represent the Genopet's Speed, Attack, and Defense Stats, respectively. Augmentation modifiers are included. More can be read about Genopet Stats here.

This value will be added to the # of Steps Banked during the step battle period to calculate a player's total Step Battle Score. This Score will determine a player's Genopet's performance in the Step Battle.

The Stats used for a Step Battle are locked in for the associated Step Battle when the invitation is accepted.

Step Battle Rating System

The below ratings are being tracked in the database for a future release of step battles that will allow for a ranking system to gage the strength of the opponents in the battle. These ratings do not currently show up in version 0.8.0 of the mobile app.

Step Battle Ratings (SBR)

Every player will have a Step Battle Rating, which is calculated as the average daily steps banked by the player on a 30-day trailing basis. Ratings will allow players to assess the relative strength of a potential opponent.

Average Battle Rating (ABR)

Every player-created Step Battle will have an Average Battle Rating to display the collective strength/difficulty of its entrants. ABR is calculated as the average of the respective Step Battle Ratings of every participant already entered in the step battle.

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