Unrefined Crystal Spawning

Each Habitat spawns unrefined crystals of the same elemental type as its domain (excluding Genesis Habitats, which are capable of spawning crystals of every type). These unrefined crystals must be Refined via the Laboratory before they can be used in Alchemy. The act of Refinement converts unrefined crystals into tokenized Genotype Crystals, which can then be transferred to the player's inventory through the act of Claiming.

Unrefined crystals that are not Refined remain within the Habitat Laboratory as an un-tokenized item. They can be Refined and Claimed at any time. However, until Refined, they cannot be otherwise interacted with and will impact how many crystals the same Habitat spawns the next day. For every pre-existing unrefined crystal already occupying its Laboratory, the Habitat will spawn one less crystal than its maximum spawn rate.

Habitat LevelDaily Unrefined Crystal Spawn Rate


Up to 1 per day


Up to 2 per day


Up to 3 per day

Existing unrefined crystals can be cleared from the Laboratory through Refinement, clearing the way for more unrefined crystals.

Note: Genesis Habitats will spawn unrefined crystal(s) without a native elemental type. The element of the crystal must be selected by the player during refinement.

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