Harvesting KI

Habitats can be used by players to Harvest KI each day, using their stored Energy. The act of Harvesting KI begins with the player selecting:

  1. Quantity - How much KI they want to Harvest (requires Energy)

  2. Waiting Period - How long they want to wait before receiving the KI in their wallets

How much Energy is required for Harvesting varies according to how long the player is willing to wait before receiving the KI. How much KI a player can Harvest depends on how much Energy the player chooses to spend and how long they choose to wait before receiving their KI.

Harvesting Windows & Cooldowns

When a Habitat is Harvested for the first time, it is activated and its Lifespan begins to expire. This time also marks the start of the Habitat's initial (first ever) Harvesting window. The holder has 24 hours from that moment to complete all desired Harvesting actions for that day of the Habitat's Lifespan (the daily KI Harvesting window). It is over this window of time that the daily Harvesting cap will be enforced. After each 24-hour period, the Harvesting cap will be reset.

Players can only Harvest from one Primary Habitat (with or without sub-Habitats connected) every 24 hours.

Waiting Periods & Variable Exchange Rates

The minimum waiting period is 7 days. This waiting period can be extended up to 14 days in exchange for a more favorable Energy to KI exchange rate. Total KI Harvested cannot exceed the player's daily limit, which is determined by the number of sub-habitats a player has connected to their primary habitat.

Refer to the table below for Energy to KI exchange rates, broken out by Waiting Period.

Waiting PeriodKI Harvested per EEnergy Required per KI

7 days (minimum)



10 days



14 days



Players who select a longer Waiting Period will effectively receive the same amount of KI for less Energy.

E.g., a player who wishes to convert 5,000 Energy into KI will receive 47.5 KI if they select the 7-day Waiting Period; or they can receive 100 KI using the same 5,000 Energy if they choose to wait 14 days (assuming they have enough connected Habitats to Harvest the full 100 KI without exceeding their daily cap - see below for more context).

Once Quantity and Waiting Period have been selected, the player will be presented with how much Energy will be required for the current Harvesting action. If confirmed, this is the amount of Energy that will be deducted from the player's balance. The Harvested KI will be transferred into the delegated wallet at the end of the waiting period.

Harvesting Limits

Habitats have limits on how much KI can be Harvested from them each game day. Furthermore, a player can only Harvest from one primary Habitat per game day. How much players can Harvest from a Habitat is a function of its Level and how many (if any) sub-Habitats are connected. If a player holds a single Habitat in their possession, this is considered their primary Habitat and its level determines its daily Harvesting cap.

Connecting Multiple Habitats

Players can connect up to 2 additional "sub-Habitats" to their Primary Habitat. Connecting sub-Habitats not only allows the player to increase their daily Harvesting limit by the limit of each individual, connected Habitat--but also applies a bonus ("Connected Habitat Bonus") for holding multiple Habitats. The Connected Habitat Bonus is a fixed value boost (currently set at 1.1x, or 10%) that is applied when calculating the daily harvesting cap for a player with at least 1 sub-Habitat connected to their Primary Habitat.

Refer to the formula for calculating the total daily Harvesting limit for a player with multiple Habitats below:

As seen above, the total daily KI Harvesting limit for a player with multiple connected Habitats is the sum of each Habitat's individual Harvesting limit, combined with the Connected Habitat Bonus (+10%). Individual Habitat Harvesting limits are based on Habitat level.

Consider this example: Player A has a L3 Habitat and two L2 Habitats in their possession. If they connect all three Habitats, what is their total daily Harvesting cap?

By combining the individual harvesting caps of the three connected Habitats (70, 50, and 50, respectively) and applying the 10% bonus (1.1x multiplier), we can calculate that Player A's total daily Harvesting limit is 187 KI.

Note: There is a 24 hour cooldown for connecting sub-Habitats. Once a Habitat has been disconnected, it cannot be added to another Habitat for 24 hours.

Absolute Limits

Daily harvesting limits are absolute, meaning they are always enforced. These daily caps work in tandem with the player's selected Waiting Period, such that Energy costs can vary for ultimately Harvesting the same amount of KI.

To illustrate an example, imagine a player who wants to Harvest the daily maximum of 70 KI with their single L3 Habitat. If they wish to receive their KI after 7 days, the Harvesting will require 7,369 Energy.

However, what if the player selects the 14-day Waiting Period? The player still cannot Harvest more than the daily cap. Instead, due to the more favorable exchange rate at 14 days, the player can Harvest the same amount of 70 KI for only 3,500 Energy.

Guild Habitats & Harvesting Efficiency

Harvesting Efficiency represents how much of a Habitat's baseline Harvesting capacity is accessible by the player. For example, a Level 1 Habitat (with no sub-Habitats) has a daily Harvesting cap of 30 KI. A Harvesting Efficiency of 100% would mean that a player Harvesting from this Habitat could Harvest the full 30 KI per day, assuming they have the required amount of Energy. All Genesis and Regular type Habitats have a default Harvesting Efficiency of 100%.

Guild Habitats are subject to Harvesting Efficiency decay, based on the frequency of Repairs. Harvesting Efficiency will fall by 25% for each 24-hour cycle (game day) that goes by without the Guild Habitat being Repaired. Thus, a Guild Habitat that has not been Repaired for two game days in succession will have a Harvesting Efficiency of 50% on the third day.

Repairing a Guild Habitat forestalls the onset of Harvesting decay by 24 hours. In other words, Repairing a single time on Day 1 will mean Harvesting decay is not applied to the Habitat until start of Day 3. This feature can be stacked; for each Repair, the Habitat will be granted another day of exemption from the Harvesting cap. E.g., if a player Repairs their Habitat 10 times on a given day, followed by another 2 Repairs the following day, the Habitat will be exempt from Harvesting Efficiency Decay for a total of 12 consecutive 24-hour cycles.

Conversely, every 24-hour cycle that passes without Repair causes the Habitat's Harvesting Efficiency to tick down by 25% until it reaches 0%. At this point, no KI can be Harvested from the Habitat, even if it is not yet Dormant; the Habitat must be Repaired a number of times equal to the number of days (24-hour cycles) it has been left to decay in order to regain 100% Harvesting Efficiency.

When the Guild Habitat's Durability = 0, Harvesting Efficiency is locked at 100% until the Habitat expires into Dormancy or is Upgraded. At Level 3, the player has the option to remove Harvesting Efficiency altogether by spending 2,000 KI.

KI to Energy

Players will be able to convert KI back to Energy for in-game use. The current exchange rate for KI back to Energy is 0.03 to 1.

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