A generative non-fungible token (NFT) representing your digital pet that evolves and can be upgraded and customized. Players mint a baby Genopet for free to start the game. Over time, a Genopet increases in value as players invest time and effort leveling up and evolving their pet (by staying active) to enhance its battle performance and aesthetics. Genesis Genopets are a collection of the first 3218 Genopets ever created. They are the OG's of the community. They are pre-evolved to Stage 4 (Level 22), have rare augments only Genesis Genopets will ever have, and receive additional in-game boosts like a 10% boost in Steps to Energy Conversion.


A Habitat is an NFT home for a Genopet that unlocks advanced gameplay like a player's ability to earn KI Token for steps taken every day and to craft other in-game NFTs like Power-Ups, Augments, Nurture, and Battle Items. Habitats can be purchased in marketplaces and are created by other Habitat owners using GENE, KI, a Terraform Seed and Genotype Crystals. Genesis Habitats are a collection of the first 5,537 Habitats ever created. They are the OP Habitats of the community. They have the unique ability to be able to craft Crystals of all element types, have a higher KI harvesting cap, and bare a unique Genesis walking area for their residing Genopet only ever available to Genesis Habitats.

Refined Crystals

Crystals are semi-fungible tokens (SFTs) that can be created by Habitat owners using KI, are used on their own for in-game boosts, and can be combined in recipes to create power-ups (other crystals) to accelerate evolution and enhance gameplay. Refined Crystals come in 5 elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal.

Terraform Seeds

Terraform Seeds are semi-fungible tokens (SFTs) that are used in creating new Habitats. Terraform seeds have 6 classes each with a different cost to create a new Habitat. Terraform Seeds represent the option to breed (mint more Habitats) and can be used or sold by a Habitat owner. Each Level 3 Habitat will generate 6 seeds, one of each class.

GENE Token

GENE Token is a fungible governance and staking token that is used to participate in exclusive NFT sales and, along with KI, can be used to craft valuable in-game items. GENE Token stakers will get to have a voice in deciding on the future of gameplay as they earn rewards actively and passively.

KI Token

KI Token is a fungible in-game utility token earned as a Habitat owner by converting Energy earned from banking steps. KI is used to craft and refine NFTs in-game, create new Habitats, speed up crafting times, and can be converted back to Energy to level up your Genopet. The more Habitats you have, the more KI you can earn per day.


Experience points (XP) are a state in a Genopet’s token metadata which increases by converting Energy earned from banking steps to XP. Once the required amount is attained, the Genopet will level up. XP is critical to tracking Genopet’s rarity on chain.

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