In the game, there are many Items related to pet care, customization, Energy conversion, and Battle. Most items can be crafted using Habitats; or received as rewards for completing special challenges, or participating in community promotions. In the future, some items will be acquirable within the game for Banking steps and exploring the in-game universe.


Game items can be organized by Type & Family. An item can also have additional attributes associated with its specific Type or Family. For example, Augments typically have Class, Style, and Part attributes; while Cosmetics will have attributes that display their color or aesthetic effect.


Type denotes the item's general purpose within the game. Here are all of the known item Types thus far:



Basic items primarily used to craft other items.


Swappable Genopet bodyparts. Essential for customization and Battle.


Used to modify Genopet aesthetic attributes, such as color and light lines.


Required to Feed one's Genopet.


Advanced ingredient essential for crafting Augments.


Used to Play with one's Genopet.


Consumable items which can improve Genopet performance in areas such as Steps to Energy conversion.


Usable in Battle.


Within each Type, items can be further classified into Families. Items from the same Family are identical in usage, but may vary in quality or effect.

For example, all Cosmetics share the general purpose of modifying Genopet appearance. Adsynth Crystals, a family of items within Cosmetics, can be used to specifically alter a Genopet's primary shell color. Lume Crystals, another family within Cosmetics, are for changing the color of a Genopet's light seams.

Augment families are defined Part (the part of the Genopet's body where the Augment is meant to be equipped) and Style (the distinctive aesthetic look of the Augment). For example, the Ferro Ear family of Augments sport the Ferro aesthetic style and can only be used to replace a Genopet's ears.

Additional Attributes by Item Type


In addition to Type & Family, Augments have three key attributes:

  • Style

  • Class

  • Variant

Style defines an Augment's aesthetic look. Augments that share the same Style have the same visual appearance, even if they may be of differing quality or power.

Class denotes hierarchy, based on the Augment's quality (power) and the probability of crafting it when using a recipe (scarcity). Higher Class items are more powerful in Battle and provide greater degrees of benefits. For example, a Rare Cirrus Wing augment will have the same general specifications as a Common Cirrus Wing, but its power levels and Battle stats will be higher. The term Class replaces the previously used Rarity.

Variant is an affix-based attribute, which identifies unique or unusual versions of Augments. A Variant of an existing Augment might have completely different abilities or modifiers. Sometimes, Variants can also be used to specify relative power levels within a Class (e.g., Enhanced or Superior Variants).

Certain Variants can only be acquired via successful completion of a community challenge or promotion.


Attributes to note when assessing a Cosmetic item relate to its effect and usage. Examples include Palette and Color. A Royal Purple Adsynth Crystal with the Royal Palette and Purple Color attributes will, when used, turn one's pet's Adsynth shell into Royal Purple.

This is not a temporary effect. Currently, the only way to change one's pet color back would be to use another Cosmetic Crystal of the same type, but with attributes associated with the previous palette and color.

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