Delegation (Alchemists & Harvesters)

Habitat owners can choose to delegate use of their Habitats to other players.

This feature can currently be accessed via the habitat management interface on the Mainframe web app. This interface allows Habitat owners and delegates to establish delegation terms, set P2P payment terms, and perform Habitat actions.

Player roles

Habitats are operated across three player roles, each defined by their relationship with different Habitat functions.

  • Landlord - Habitat owner; defined by the player wallet address that owns the Habitat via the blockchain ownership space (SPL-Token Authority in Solana)

  • Alchemist - Delegate type; player who has been assigned Alchemy (Item Crafting) usage rights; defined by a nullable player address listed in the Habitat metadata

  • Harvester - Delegate type; player who has been assigned KI harvesting rights; defined by a nullable player address listed in the Habitat metadata

Alchemist and Harvester can be associated with the same player wallet address.

Setting Delegation Terms

Types of Contracts

There are two types of rental contracts are available to the Landlord and potential renters, each distinguished by the usage rights that are delegated:

  • Harvesting authority - the Habitat's KI harvesting capability is assigned, in exchange for a % of the KI Harvested (royalty). The % represents how much of the KI Harvested the Habitat owner will receive each time KI is Harvested.

  • Alchemy authority - the Habitat's item crafting and refining capabilities are assigned, in exchange for fixed token payments (rent).

Each of these usage rights is synonymous with its respective player role. A renter who receives Alchemy authority is the Alchemist; one who receives KI Harvesting authority is the Harvester.

The contracts are not mutually exclusive in terms of tenant eligibility. Landlords may enter into both types of contracts with the same delegate player simultaneously if they wish. Landlords may also choose to reserve one or both of these rights for themselves.

Alchemy (Item Refining & Crafting) Delegation Contracts

Landlords can delegate Alchemy usage rights to a Delegate in exchange for rent payments. The Delegate would receive the right to:

  • Access the Alchemy section of the Habitat management portal

  • Refine any unrefined crystals that spawn during the rent period

  • Use the Habitat's Laboratory to craft and claim items

The terms of an Alchemy delegation contract are set by the Landlord, using the Habitat management interface. Landlords can confirm how long the Delegate can rent, how much they should pay in exchange, and what token the rent payment should be in.

  • Rent - fixed token amount that the Delegate must pay as a lump sum at the start of each rental period, in order to secure their Alchemist rights for that period.

  • Rental period - the contracted period of time during which the Delegate can use the Habitat for Alchemy) is measured in 24-hour cycles, with the minimum rental period being one 24-hour cycle.

  • Rental token - the specified SPL token in which rent must be paid

The first rent payment is due immediately upon creation of the Alchemy delegation smart contract by the Landlord (using the Habitat interface). Once the rent is paid, the rental period begins and the Delegate can perform Alchemy with the Habitat until the rental period ends. Rent is always due prior to the start of the next rental period thereafter. Delegates can pay rent for the next rental cycle up to 48 hours prior to the end of the current rental period. This automatically re-establishes the rental contract for the following period.

Grace Periods

For Alchemy rentals exclusively, Landlords can set an optional Grace Period as a term within the contract. The Grace Period is the period of time after the rent is due, where the Delegate can still pay the rent without any penalty. The grace period cannot exceed the length of the rental period within the same contract. If the Grace Period passes without the requisite rent being paid, the Landlord can unilaterally end the contract and remove the Delegate.

Harvesting Delegation Contracts

All Harvesting delegation contracts operate on a royalty payment basis. Royalty is defined as a preset percentage of Harvested KI that will go to the Landlord as payment. Unlike Alchemy rental terms, the royalty payment is distributed at the time of KI withdrawal, which in turn occurs at the end of the selected Waiting Period.

Landlords may only delegate a new Harvester once per 24-hour cycle.

Processing Fee

A portion of each successful rental or royalty payment will go to the Genopets community treasury, to support continued service and development of these features. The breakdown of fees are as follows:

  • For Alchemy rentals: 2% of rent at time of payment

  • For Harvester royalties: 1% of each Harvest (Landlord and assigned Harvester split the remaining 99%)

Habitat Management Features

Using the Habitat Management interface, Landlords can perform a variety of administrative and monitoring actions. These include the ability to:

  1. Adjust KI harvesting royalty

  2. Onboard tenants and/or delegates (either individually or batched)

  3. Adjust rent amount or pay period

  4. Evict delegates

  5. Monitor key metrics, such as total KI harvested, crystals refined, and items crafted

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