Game Rules

Genopets is a game that makes it fun and rewarding for you to live an active lifestyle. Walking around the mall? Jogging at the gym? Running between meetings in your office? That's being active.

A Genopet's evolution and growth are earned through honest individual activity. Attempts to cheat the system devalue other players' efforts and destabilize the ecosystem. Here are the general rules of the game. Please read them carefully. 1. One account per person, per device. No multi-accounting. 2. Get steps by walking, running, or jogging. GPS is not required, but you need to move to play this game. 3. Using hardware devices or software to input step data to simulate movement is not allowed. 4. Swapping Genesis Genopets between accounts has a 24 Hour cooldown. Please do not try to cheat the system. Violation or attempts to violate these rules may result in being banned from the game or other repercussions. Cheaters will be banned at the sole discretion of the Genopets Team. The team reserves the right to add or change these rules as the game evolves.

Being banned means your account can't access the game, your wallet can't access Mainframe, your pet's level is reset to 0, you lose all your energy, and all of your pending harvests are revoked. See our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more.

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