Genopets is a blockchain-based virtual gaming metaverse that is shaped and molded by your real life actions. Living in a parallel digital universe intimately connected to our own is your digital familiar, your spirit animal, your Genopet.
It is born and nurtured through your mind and body data, captured by your wellness wearables. As you evolve, it evolves. Challenge yourself physically and mentally to unlock your Genopet’s full potential, your full potential.
As you and your Genopet bond and mature together, set out and explore a mysterious and expansive realm. Build a cozy home for your Genopet, battle for tokens in the PvP Arena, form a powerful tribe with your friends. Discover, conquer, and create realms for others to explore.
As you play, your health data is stored and secured under your sole ownership forever, transformed into a valuable digital asset you can lease to medical researchers to aid in their life-saving research.
Genopets introduces a heart-warming and financially rewarding way for us to all become healthier - physically, mentally, and emotionally - together.


Our mission is to make the data sovereignty, alternative income, and passive income benefits of blockchain technology available to the mass market in a way that is easy to understand, fun to use, and socially impactful.


We are just beginning to emerge from a global pandemic that has profoundly changed the way we work, live, and play. In many ways, the world has been reset. Our paradigm has been irrevocably shifted.
Though at a grave cost, this crisis has granted us a rare cultural moment to apply deep introspection and novel technologies to redefine our approach towards what we do, how we do them, and why. We have the opportunity and the tools to come back stronger and set a foundation for a better future. There is no better time to introduce an inspired way to reconnect with ourselves and each other.
Through the Genoverse:
  • We envision a data-driven economy in which individuals are financially rewarded for the value of their genetic, epigenetic, and behavioral data through gameplay - specifically individuals suffering from chronic and genetic disease.
  • We envision a massive player-owned, anonymized, decentralized health data marketplace made readily consumable for medical researchers.
  • We envision a community of gamers who are enriched physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and socially who go on to share their journey with others.

Purpose of this paper

In this paper, we share our goals, methods, timeframe, economic and technical approach towards leveraging the synergies between gaming, NFTs, decentralized finance,wearables, and federated learning to create an experience that is beneficial to all stakeholders.
Intended Audience:
Entrepreneurs, executives, crypto-enthusiasts, gamers, digital pet lovers, psychologists, sociologists, medical researchers, athletes, patients.
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