Terraform Seeds

Only L3 Habitats are capable of generating Terraform Seeds. Each L3 Habitat will spawn 6 Terraform Seeds in its possession, one of each Grade listed in the table below. These seeds are ungenerated assets until the Habitat-holder claims them, using the corresponding "Claim" action. The Claim action will cause all 6 seeds to be minted and transferred into the player's possession.

Habitat-holder will only need to Claim once to acquire all 6 Terraform Seeds in their inventory. Whether a Habitat has claimed or unclaimed seeds will be marked by a binary flag in its metadata.

Use in Habitat minting ("Terraforming")

Terraform Seeds are essential components to creating new Habitats. In addition, Habitat minting also requires 3 Refined Crystals of the same elemental type, 5 GENE, and a variable amount of KI. The amount of KI required for a given mint is dictated by the Grade of the Terraform Seed being used.

As tokenized assets, Terraform seeds can be traded between players on marketplaces.

Existing Terraform seeds on marketplaces minted from the Genesis Genopet Fair Launch are Grade 3. Future Terraform seeds spawned by Habitats will have their grade displayed in their meta data.

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