Terraformation (Habitats)

Terraformation is the crafting process by which owners (not renters) of Habitats can mint new Habitats. Genesis Habitats (the first Habitats ever created) were Terraformed by players through the game's mainframe on the Genopets website. Going forward, an existing Habitat is required in order to Terraform a brand-new Habitat. Any Habitat can be used to Terraform a new L1 Habitat, provided all component requirements are met.

Players must utilize the Laboratory aspect of their Habitat to Terraform. In addition, players must assemble the proper components for a successful terraforming. The components necessary in order to Terraform a single Habitat:

  • Terraform seed (x1)

  • Refined Crystal of desired Elemental type (x3)

  • Habitat Laboratory

  • GENE (5)

  • KI

The amount of KI required will depend on the Grade of the Terraform Seed being used.

Each Habitat Terraformed in this way will embody a particular Elemental essence (Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, Metal). The element of the Refined Crystals utilized will determine the element of the produced Habitat.

Terraforming components can be generated via existing Habitats or purchased on marketplaces.

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