The Framework

The initial version of the Genopets design featured a direct conversion of steps to XP. The design team quickly identified the limits of this mechanic - namely, that it was too simplistic to support the kinds of gameplay we wanted to offer. Strategic choices (and therefore opportunities to engage the player and allow for different stylistic approaches to the game) were extremely limited.

As a result, the game design team is implementing the Energy framework to control the core step banking mechanic. Going forward, Energy (E) will serve as action points within the game; the base “currency” from which all in-game actions must ultimately be funded. It is important to note, however, that Energy is not a token, nor is it tracked on-chain.

E is necessary in order for the player to:

  • Perform Nurture actions (e.g., Feeding, Grooming, Playing)

  • Level up (by converting E into XP)

  • Harvest KI (by converting E into KI with a Habitat)

  • Alchemize (Craft) items and augments (in the form of KI)

  • [In the future] Perform battle actions

  • [In the future] Participate in PvE quests and challenges

By serving as the central in-game strategic resource, E will allow for greater strategic creativity among players. Each player will decide for themselves how best to allocate their hard-won E, the fuel necessary for the player to enjoy the rich gameplay Genopets has to offer. As movement needed a bridge in order to be connected to play ("Move to Play"), Energy will serve as the bridge between the player's physical activity and the representation of its value within the game.

E is converted from steps (S) taken by the player, via the act of Banking. The primary function of Banking is for the player to convert their tracked Steps into Energy.

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